June 10

Life Lessons: 5 Years After Following My Dreams


Lumabas sa Facebook memories ko yung pinost ko nung 2014, yung dream vision board ko...

dream vision board

Yung detalye, mababasa mo sa My Story page...

Gusto ko lang i-share dito yung naisulat ko na realizations 5 or 6 years after following my dreams:

>> Your dreams evolve as you evolve. For a time, you'll want to be an engineer. Then, an entrepreneur. Later, a writer. You'll never know what's coming next.

But one thing is for sure: you can be anything you want.

Never settle. Keep evolving.

>> Life is about your personal evolution, for the spiritual growth of your soul. Your dreams serve as the tool for your soul's purpose.

Success is not just about achieving your dreams. Your soul doesn't care much about your achievements or failures. It's more about who you become in the process. You're always in the process of succeeding.

>> It doesn't happen overnight. It happens over a lifetime. It's not overnight so you have time to think about what you really, really want in your life.

When it doesn't happen, God/The Universe is protecting you. (Naisip ko kung nag-tuloy-tuloy yung Friggies, malamang nag-close rin siya ngayon due to the pandemic crisis.)

The Universe is always working in your favor.

>> When you fail fast, you grow faster. When you grow, you succeed. That makes failure a necessary part of becoming successful.

>> Your ambitions are for yourself. Your purpose is for others. Fulfillment comes when your ambitions meet your purpose.

It's not that people lack ambition, but because their ambition doesn't align with their purpose in life.

Ambitions can only satisfy your desire (and the satisfaction goes as soon as it comes). But they cannot give you lasting fulfillment. Purpose will.

>> Everyone has a purpose in life. But not everyone is aware of it. Everything that happens is to help you gain that awareness.

So slow down. Life is not a race. You're not in a competition.

>> Your dreams are coming true, slowly, gradually. Because Life wants you to savor every moment of it happening.

Learn to enjoy every passing moment.

Because life itself is not short, only those passing moments are.

And your happiness can be found in those moments, not 5-6 years from now.

But right here, right now.

Ayaaaan... Naka-relate ka ba? Let me know in the comments.

Share mo rin yung mga dreams mo, gusto ko ring malaman. Sana yung sunod nating kwentuhan ay tungkol na sa katuparan ng ating mga pangarap.

Hanggang sa muli,



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