One Whole Naked Me is a collection of poetry that bares the beauty, goodness, and truth about the essence of human being, which is love. Take it all away! OWN Me.

About the Book

In the stages of introspection, the journey to rediscovering myself led me to remembering a long-forgotten treasure. And what better way for life to reveal it than as a pre-birthday present in the year 2014. Next thing I know, I began writing a poem once again – “A Letter to the Beloved”. I mentioned ‘again’ because the last time I wrote prior to that was back in 2001, a tribute poem to my fellow graduating high school batch mates.

January of the following year, with no more than the intention of sharing and rekindling the passion for writing, I submitted a piece as an entry for a poetry contest held monthly on Goodreads. Then, an author and poet named Paul Morabito, happened to stumble upon it and got interested in publishing my poems for the poetry anthology he was working on at the time. My first few pieces eventually became part of the two volumes for that project series, entitled “Mirrored Voices”.

That milestone served as a springboard for me to leap toward my calling in life. And it was reaffirmed when a psychic friend I met did an impromptu intuitive reading based on one particular poem I wrote. She asserted that I came here for that calling – to write.

It was more of an icing on the cake. For I have already found within, at the core of my being, what
makes me come alive.

"Writing is a lot like falling in love.
Poetry is the art of doing it with words."

In my first book, The Path to Awesomeness, I shared an essay as my declaration of love for poetry. This is the testament to that. One Whole Naked Me is the gift I am now giving away.

I am all yours!