Happy Paws

A Commemorative NFT Collection Based on a True Story

Token of Happawness

Happy Paws is a limited collection of 4721 NFTs created by Frederick Espiritu, inspired by his late beloved dog, Scout.

Why 4721? Because it was Scout's last happy day on Earth (04/07/21), awww...

Non-Fungible Token

Happy Paws is a digital asset representing each art piece with an authentic certificate (metadata) on a blockchain.

Built on Cardano

Happy Paws lives on the Cardano blockchain, whose ideals and values align with this project. It aims to "make the world better" for dogs, too.

Sentimental Value

Happy Paws artwork and design were consciously crafted and personally created by Fred out of love for Scout.

Born to Be PAWSome!

Scout's birth name was Kevin, named after NBA player, Kevin Love, of the Cleveland Cavaliers (2014–present).

His birthdate, December 18, became the basis for the image size: 1218x1218px.

"Love" was well-played by Scout and it's the legacy he's leaving behind...

Spreading PAWSitivity

The paw print on the artwork is the exact replica of Scout's paw engraved on his memorabilia.

He surely made a mark in Fred's life and now wishes to extend his PAWSitive imprint to the rest of the world.

True Story

Embedded in the token is a memory from an actual event that occurred in Scout's life.

If a picture paints a thousand words... then Happy Paws NFT it is.

Click the image gallery to read the caption for the story behind it.

"Mint" (Buy & Collect)

1 x NFT



Buy and collect 1 random NFT
(Classic / Epic / Legendary / Rare)

2 x NFT



Buy and collect 2 random NFTs
(Classic / Epic / Legendary / Rare)

3 x NFT



Buy and collect 3 random NFTs
(Classic / Epic / Legendary / Rare)

5 x NFT



Buy and collect 5 random NFTs
(Classic / Epic / Legendary / Rare)

Save 5 ADA

10 x NFT



Buy and collect 10 random NFTs
(Classic / Epic / Legendary / Rare)

Save 20 ADA

1 x NFT



Manually choose 1 NFT
(Classic / Epic / Legendary / Rare / Awesome Dogs Association / Artist's Pick)

Starts at 7 ADA

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About the Creator and Artist

FREDERICK ESPIRITU is an engineer, writer, and artist based in the Philippines. He is the author of The Path to Awesomeness, One Whole Naked Me, and Ganito Kami Noon.

He lives happily with his family and cat... and soon, another dog.

Visit him at frederickespiritu.com