December 13

Thank You, Corona


Dear Corona,

Thank you for being our greatest teacher.

We know that you came to teach a lesson, and you are here to stay until that lesson is fully learned and understood.

Thank you, for through having Pneumonia-like symptoms, you show us our weak spot. You point us to the lungs of our physical body, which is connected to the Heart energy center of our non-physical body.

Sickness is a manifestation of lack or absence of love.

Any lack or absence of love becomes fear. This absence of love is the result of our unconsciousness, the lack of awareness, which is the light of consciousness.

This lack of awareness leads to misunderstanding, which leads to errors in thinking.

The first error is thinking that the sickness is in the body, whereas in truth, the sickness is in our unconscious minds producing fearful thoughts, which are creating the disease.

The second error is thinking we need to cure the disease of the body, whereas in truth, the cure must be given to the mind for its wrong perception.

So, thank you, Corona, for opening our closed minds, making us aware, helping us to correct our wrong perception.

By opening our awareness, we are coming to a perception that leads to knowing, knowing that leads to understanding, and understanding that leads to healing.

Thank you, Corona, for showing us fear (false evidence appearing real).

Thank you, Corona, for becoming the appearance of fear, the unreal virus that has been infecting our minds for so long.

Thank you, Corona, for finally, finally revealing fear right before our very eyes, that we can now confront it with awareness, having the correct perception, seen with the eyes of love.

For showing us fear, thank you, Corona, because now we can let it go.

Thank you, Corona, for making us realize that it is fear that is blind, not love. We were blind, but now we see.

If love is the lesson we are here to learn in this life, then thank you for being our greatest teacher.

Thank you, Corona.

Now, we can be free...



This letter is inspired by my insights from the book, A Course in Miracles, and is part of a longer essay I posted on The Path to Awesomeness website, titled "Corona Formula," where I share my thoughts on the global pandemic.

Read the full article here >>

It is my personal invitation to everyone to view the coronavirus pandemic from a different perspective – from a higher vantage point that allows us to see the silver lining in everything – love.

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