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ACIM Self-Study: The Altar of God


²Since the separation, defenses have been used almost entirely to defend against the Atonement, and thus maintain the separation. ³This is generally seen as a need to protect the body. (ACIM, T-2.III.1:2-3)

Yung defenses na tinutukoy dito ay yung fear-based belief system, o yung thought system ng ego – yung false self na identified with our bodies.

Yung bodies kasi natin are symbol of separation. Obvious naman ‘di ba? Kaya dito nakabase yung self-identity ng ego. Madali nga namang paniwalaan.

At para ma-maintain ‘tong false self-identity, may defense mechanism yung ego for its self-preservation.

Dapat ma-realize natin na ang kailangan nating protektahan ay hindi yung bodies, kundi yung minds natin against errors in perception.

⁵Perceiving the body as a temple is only the first step in correcting this distortion, because it alters only part of it. (ACIM, T-2.III.1:5)

Magandang simula para makorek yung perception natin is to perceive the body as a temple.

⁷The next step, however, is to realize that a temple is not a structure at all. ⁸Its true holiness lies at the inner altar around which the structure is built. (ACIM, T-2.III.1:7-8)

Yung next step ay ma-realize natin na yung temple ay hindi physical, kundi spiritual.

At yung Holy Spirit ang nasa inner altar ng temple na ‘to.

²Before the separation the mind was invulnerable to fear, because fear did not exist. (ACIM, T-2.III.2:2)

Tulad nga ng nabanggit natin sa mga naunang topics, nagkaron tayo ng idea of separation from God (eto yung “original sin”).

At dahil naniwala tayo sa idea na yun kaya nag-exist yung fear.

³Both the separation and the fear are miscreations that must be undone for the restoration of the temple, and for the opening of the altar to receive the Atonement. (ACIM, T-2.III.2:3)

So yung idea of separation and fear ay kailangan ma-undone para ma-restore yung temple, meaning ma-restore yung connection natin kay God.

Paano ulit maa-undone? Through forgiveness.

We for-give to receive.

The acceptance of the Atonement by everyone is only a matter of time. (ACIM, T-2.III.3:1)

Lahat tayo, walang exception, ay magigising sa katotohonan. It’s just a matter of time.

Pwedeng ma-delay at mag-procrastinate tayo ng kahit ilang lifetimes pa, pero dun rin ang punta.

Sabi nga, “Pagkahaba-haba man ng prusisyon, sa simbahan din ang tuloy.”

⁶Eventually everyone begins to recognize, however dimly, that there must be a better way. (ACIM, T-2.III.3:6)

Darating kasi yung time na hindi na epektib yung strategies ng ego kahit anong pilit natin.

At usually, sa pinakamahirap na panahon ng buhay natin nare-realize na meron palang better way.

⁸This ultimately reawakens spiritual vision, simultaneously weakening the investment in physical sight. (ACIM, T-2.III.3:8)

Eto yung tinatawag na “spiritual awakening.” Namumulat na yung insight at nagiging mas importante na siya kesa sa eyesight.

Spiritual vision literally cannot see error, and merely looks for Atonement. ²All solutions the physical eye seeks dissolve. ³Spiritual vision looks within and recognizes immediately that the altar has been defiled and needs to be repaired and protected. (ACIM, T-2.III.4:1-3)

Yan yung miracle – yung shift ng focus from error to correct perception.

Aware ka na, na walang external solution to an internal problem. In fact, pag tama na ang perception, hindi mo na makikita ang isang sitwasyon as a “problem.”

Pag nakaka-encounter ka ng “problem,” yun ay dahil naka-encounter ka ng internal error na dapat itama.

The children of God are entitled to the perfect comfort that comes from perfect trust. ²Until they achieve this, they waste themselves and their true creative powers on useless attempts to make themselves more comfortable by inappropriate means. (ACIM, T-2.III.5:1-2)

Perfect comfort ang nabibigay ng inner peace.

Perfect trust naman ay pag aware ka at knows mo ang truth, kasi you trust what you know.

So kung unconscious tayo, hindi tayo aware, mag-todo effort tayo na magkaron ng inner peace from the outer world.

Anong side-effect nun? Fantasy, yung natutunan natin from previous topic. Gusto nating kontrolin yung mga nangyayari para magka-peace of mind tayo.

⁸He gave them His peace so they could not be shaken and could not be deceived. (ACIM, T-2.III.5:8)

Yung peace natin ay galing kay God, hindi galing sa mundo.

So hindi dapat tayo nade-deceive ng mga nangyayari sa mundo dahil yung peace natin ay nakadepende kay God.

⁹Whenever you are afraid you are deceived, and your mind cannot serve the Holy Spirit. (ACIM, T-2.III.5:9)

Kapag natatakot tayo, sign yun na na-deceive tayo ng mundo.

We “cannot serve two masters,” ika nga. Either love or fear lang. Either Holy Spirit or ego, but not both.

¹²They must learn to look upon the world as a means of healing the separation. ¹³The Atonement is the guarantee that they will ultimately succeed. (ACIM, T-2.III.5:12-13)

Kung nakikita natin yung mundo as a means of healing, yun ang tamang perception that serves the Holy Spirit.

Done deal na yung Atonement. Kapag hinanap natin yung inner altar within, sureness na matatagpuan natin si God.

“Seek, and you shall find.”

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