October 23

ACIM Self-Study: The Atonement as Defense


You can do anything I ask. ²I have asked you to perform miracles, and have made it clear that miracles are natural, corrective, healing and universal. ³There is nothing they cannot do, but they cannot be performed in the spirit of doubt or fear. ⁴When you are afraid of anything, you are acknowledging its power to hurt you. (ACIM, T-2.II.1:1-4)

“I can do everything through Christ who strengthens me.” Sinasabi sa ‘tin yan ni Jesus kasi alam niya na yung spirit of Christ na nasa kanya ay nasa ‘yo rin.

The spirit of Christ is love. Through love nangyayari ang miracles, hindi through doubt or fear.

Kapag natatakot ka, sinasaktan mo yung sarili mo.

It's fear that hurts, not love. Love heals.

⁵Remember that where your heart is, there is your treasure also. (ACIM, T-2.II.1:5)

Yan yung tanong ni Jesus na “Where is your faith?”

Hindi ka naman kasi nawawalan ng faith. Lagi kang faithful. Ang tanong lang e saan mo nilalagay yung faith mo? Sa love or sa fear?

⁶You believe in what you value. ⁷If you are afraid, you are valuing wrongly. (ACIM, T-2.II.1:6-7)

You have faith in what you value.

Love is everything. Fear is nothing.

Kapag natatakot ka, sign yun na you have faith in nothing.

Fear is a sign na na-misplace yung faith mo.

¹⁰This peace is totally incapable of being shaken by errors of any kind. ¹¹It denies the ability of anything not of God to affect you. ¹²This is the proper use of denial. ¹³It is not used to hide anything, but to correct error. (ACIM, T-2.II.1:10-13)

Kapag natatakot ka, MU yun – misunderstanding.

Pero yung peace of God surpasses all misunderstandings. Kaya peace is unshakeable, hindi natitinag ng kahit anong error. Inner calm lang ang sakalam!

Dinedeny ng peace lahat ng errors. At eto raw ang tamang paggamit ng denial. Hindi para itago ang mali, kundi para itama ang mali.

⁵Denial of error is a strong defense of truth, but denial of truth results in miscreation, the projections of the ego. (ACIM, T-2.II.2:5)

Actually, hindi talaga kailangan ng defense ng truth kasi hindi siya tinatablan ng any attack (lies, judgments, at iba pang errors).

Pero, pwedeng ma-deny ang truth. Dun nagkakaron ng tinatawag na "ego" – yung thought system ng fear.

²The Atonement principle was in effect long before the Atonement began. ³The principle was love and the Atonement was an act of love. (ACIM, T-2.II.4:2-3)

Base sa Atonement yung principle of miracles, which is the thought system of love.

The Atonement is a total commitment. ²You may still think this is associated with loss, a mistake all the separated Sons of God make in one way or another. (ACIM, T-2.II.7:1-2)

“You cannot serve two masters,” ika nga. Either love or fear, hindi pwedeng both.

Yung Atonement ay total commitment to love. Hindi pwedeng makipag-fling sa fear.

So, parang mahirap siyang gawin ‘di ba? Commitment eh. Feeling natin may kailangan tayong i-give up or i-sacrifice to commit to something.

Pero again, love is everything, fear is nothing.

Sacrifice ba yun if you’re giving up nothing in exchange for everything?

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. EZ!

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