March 20



Could you recognize him
in times when he becomes a stranger to himself?
Would you take a closer look
if he reveals a marred reflection
of the image you had of who he is?

These are only few of the many hidden flaws
he’s not proud of.

His fear is his imperfection.
At his weakest, he turns into a disaster.
And the thought of you
getting caught up in his storm
scares him the most.

He’d rather go away.
But if you knew the way
where he can find rest,
would you take him there?
If you were the calmness to his rage,
the stillness to his thunder,
would you stay until he falls asleep?

Because after the storm passes,
you are the first sunshine
he would love to see
when he wakes up.

This poem came to me during an astrological phenomenon known as Retrograde, a period wherein we come face-to-face with our shadows.

And I did, as I often do, so I can get to know unhealed parts of myself.

On a lighter note, there had been a power outage at the time of its writing. Just seemed fitting to the occasion, hah!

Hope you liked it 🙂


PS: Retrograde is included in my poetry collection, One Whole Naked MeYou can get the book in soft and hard copies.

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expression, One Whole Naked Me

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