December 27

A Letter to the Beloved



Let me love you,
until you fall in love with yourself.

Let my light burn for you,
until you feel the warmth of your own flame.

Let me sing,
until you can hear your music.

My beloved,
for as long as you are dreaming
let me stay awake
until you, my true love,
are no longer asleep.

"A Letter to the Beloved" is the first poem entry to my poetry collection, One Whole Naked Me. By 'first', I mean after more than probably 12 long years, hah! The last time prior to it was for my high school graduation. So, technically it's not the 'first', but when something has gone past a decade, it becomes 'first' again.

The poem is about a lover writing a letter to his beloved, who's in the midst of looking for herself ("dreaming"), and him loving her in the process.

I love music, so I like to turn written poems into musical spoken poetry. And "A Letter to the Beloved" is definitely a 'first' in that. Pardon the amateur recording, I'm hoping to have it done professionally one day. But for now, that will do. Hope you liked it. 🙂

If you did, you're going to love the other pieces of One Whole Naked Me, too. It's available in both physical and digital versions. Grab one if you haven't yet.

Until our next 'first'...


* featured photo credit to Leohoho

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