Ganito Kami Noon

Ang noon, hindi na pwedeng balikan. Pero ang saya, pwedeng ulit-ulitin.

"Up Up – Down Down – Left Right – Left Right – B A – Select – Start"

About the Book

Ganito Kami Noon is a recollection of a “Batang 90's” life that gives a glimpse of what it’s like growing up during the 90's era – back in the days when there were no social media and the online world was virtually non-existent. Frederick takes a trip down memory lane to his hometown in Laguna and relives the fun of playing childhood games. He then gleans insights from them, among his many other childhood experiences, to reveal the true essence of happiness and how it relates to the fulfillment of our dreams.

Written using the native tongue in an eclectic fashion, peppered with comedic “hirit” and poetic “hugot” lines, Ganito Kami Noon not only serves as a reminder of the past, but also reminds us that while we can never bring back the happy days of our childhood, we can always bring happiness to our days, now and the hereafter.