Step 7 - The 3 Step Questions You Must Ask Before you Start Investing

In this final installment of the 7-steps to financial freedom, we explore how to build multiple streams of income and create true wealth through passive assets. The focus is on understanding the difference between making money and achieving financial freedom.

1. Determine Your Investment Approach

Ask yourself three crucial questions before investing: Are you seeking cash flow or capital gains? Are you in it for the short term or long term? Do you have the skills to actively manage your investments? Tailor your investment strategy based on your answers.

2. Focus on Income-Producing Assets

Differentiate between assets and liabilities. Assets generate income, while liabilities create expenses. Invest in income-producing assets like rental properties or a network marketing business to accelerate your path to financial freedom.

3. Create a Long-Term Vision

Plan for the future by identifying your long-term financial goals. Building a network marketing business can be a stepping stone to financial freedom, providing consistent cash flow and income.

4. Avoid Investment Overwhelm

Investing can be overwhelming, with various options and opportunities. Stay focused on your chosen path, avoid distractions, and concentrate on growing your income streams systematically.

5. Stay Consistent and Disciplined

Consistency and discipline are essential to success. Avoid stepping out of your lane by getting enticed by shiny new investments. Stick to your chosen strategies and continue building on them for long-term growth.


Building multiple streams of income through income-producing assets, such as network marketing and rental properties, can lead to financial freedom faster than conventional approaches. By understanding the difference between assets and liabilities and staying disciplined in your investment journey, you can achieve your financial goals and create a more abundant life.

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