Step 5 - What Does it Actually Mean to 'Treat This Like a Business'?

In the world of network marketing, the mantra "Treat this like a business, and it will pay you like a business" is a popular phrase. But what does it actually mean to treat network marketing like a business?

Let's find out.

1. Building a Strong Foundation

To succeed in network marketing, it is essential to create a strong foundation. This involves crafting a compelling story and offer, engaging in meaningful conversations with different markets, and expanding the network to have a constant pool of prospects to talk to.

2. Leveraging Systems and Duplication

One of the key principles in network marketing is leverage. By creating systems and duplication, entrepreneurs can amplify their efforts and generate residual income. This means that even when they are not actively working, the income continues to flow.

3. Embracing the Business Mindset

Treating network marketing like a business is vital for long-term success. While many nod in agreement when asked if they should treat it like a business, it takes consistent action and commitment to make it a reality. The shift in mindset from being an employee to a business owner is critical.

4. Overcoming Misconceptions

Network marketing sometimes suffers from misconceptions, but it is essential to look beyond them. Successful entrepreneurs in this industry have proven that it can lead to financial freedom and autonomy. It's crucial to recognize the potential and value of network marketing.

5. Taking Responsibility and Sowing Positive Seeds

Building a thriving network marketing organization requires taking responsibility for one's actions and choices. Treating the organization as a living organism, entrepreneurs must sow positive seeds such as productivity, gratitude, consistency, and humility.

6. Staying Committed to the Bigger Vision

Entrepreneurs must stay committed to the bigger vision and invest time and money in their network marketing venture. Like any business, it requires dedication, planning, and ongoing efforts to achieve success.

7. Understanding the Journey

The journey to success in network marketing may not always be smooth, but it's essential to stay focused on healthy actions and ways of showing up. Just like cancer spreads faster than health, a sick organization will deteriorate more quickly than a healthy one. Consistent commitment and positivity are key.


Treating network marketing like a business is not just a catchphrase; it's a roadmap to financial freedom and personal growth. By building a strong foundation, leveraging systems, and embracing the business mindset, aspiring network marketers can achieve their goals. Taking responsibility, staying committed, and understanding the journey are crucial elements for long-term success in the dynamic world of network marketing.

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