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Ode to You

You are one old habit of mine
that never seems to die.
Time heals, they say,
but maybe there are some wounds
that are worth keeping.
You are one of them.

Lately, I’ve been having a relapse
and you are the memory
I keep coming back to.
I guess there are some memories
that are worth revisiting.
You are one of them.

Times are different now.
Things change. So do people.
But there are some things about people
I hope will remain the same.

Things like how your lips
stretch out wide when you smile.
The freedom of joy
bursting from your laughter.
The flare of passion
burning in your eyes.
And the strength of truth
behind the tears when you cry.

Don’t be afraid to show your true colors.
It’s not every day that people
get to see dancing rainbows
and singing unicorns.
There are still wonders in this world
left unknown to many.
And because of that,
I consider myself blessed.

For among the most wonderful
things there is to know,
things that are perfectly simple
and simply beautiful,
I’ve been given the privilege
of knowing them in my life.

You are one of them.

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