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LiveGood Matrix: How It Works


Ben Glinsky, the visionary Founder and CEO of LiveGood, takes center stage in this video as he unveils the remarkable LiveGood compensation plan.

Designed to empower individuals seeking financial success, the plan encompasses a range of enticing benefits and generous rewards. Let's delve into the intricacies of this plan and discover how it can unlock your true earning potential.

To recap, here are the key aspects:

🌱 The compensation plan is structured around two powerful genealogy trees: the enroller tree and the matrix tree. These trees serve as the foundation of your business and determine your progress and rewards.

📊 The enroller tree holds significant importance as it directly influences your rank, fast start bonuses, and matching bonuses. Your enroller tree consists of individuals you personally enroll, as well as those they enroll, creating a network of potential success. This is the "fast lane" and makes up mostly your active income.

🌿 The matrix tree, on the other hand, encompasses everyone within your enroller tree and presents two frontline positions. This matrix system allows for the efficient distribution of enrollments and ensures that no potential is left untapped. This one is more of the "slow lane" and builds more of your passive income.

⇆ Spillover is an ingenious concept utilized in the Livegood compensation plan using the powerline system. It functions by automatically and strategically filling all the available positions on the left side of a level before moving on to fill the right side. This approach ensures maximum benefit for all members involved, promoting a balanced and rewarding ecosystem.

💰 As a participant in the Livegood compensation plan, you stand to earn an impressive 2.5% of the monthly membership fee from every individual in your entire matrix. This earning potential extends down an impressive 12 to 15 levels, providing a substantial source of passive income.

🤝 Matching bonuses are one of the most enticing features of this compensation plan. They empower you to match the entire matrix check of individuals within your enroller tree. In other words, you get a percentage match in commission from the people you personally enrolled. This means that as your team members achieve financial milestones, you also reap the rewards, further boosting your income.

🌟 Calculating matching bonuses involves considering the placement of individuals within your enroller tree, while the actual payment is based on their placement within the matrix. This thoughtful approach ensures that you receive the deserved recognition for your team's accomplishments.

🏆 Depending on your rank within the Livegood compensation plan, you have the opportunity to earn matching bonuses on multiple generations. Your dedication and progress can unlock rewards that extend beyond your immediate circle, creating a ripple effect of financial success.

💥 The possibilities are limitless! There are no restrictions on the number of people you can match or the potential earnings from matching bonuses. As you expand your network, the potential for growth and prosperity grows exponentially.

💎 Livegood demonstrates its commitment to rewarding success by allocating a generous 2.5% of the company's total revenue into bonus pools dedicated to diamonds and crown diamond leaders. This additional source of income further enhances your financial achievements.

🌱 Embracing the Livegood strategy for success is straightforward: enroll more individuals, encourage duplication within your team, and unlock the full potential of matching bonuses. By sharing this exceptional opportunity, you cultivate a thriving community and pave the way to reaching new heights.

With the generous Livegood compensation plan, your dedication and ambition have the power to transform lives and secure a prosperous future.

Get ready to ascend to the top and embrace the financial rewards that await you!

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How the Matrix Works

The powerline is experiencing phenomenal growth, and you're in for an incredible journey with your matrix. Here's a breakdown of how it all works: Every Thursday night at midnight, all Members who have secured their position in the powerline ascend to the very top, leaving those who hesitate behind.

These individuals are then strategically placed in the matrix, occupying the highest available position under their enroller. It could be on the first level or even the eighth level of their enroller's matrix. Wherever an open spot emerges, that's precisely where they'll be positioned.

The question often asked is: "How many people in my powerline will end up under me in the matrix?"

The answer is: There's no definitive way to know. It primarily depends on who enrolled the individuals beneath you in the powerline. If many of them were enlisted by individuals higher up in the matrix, chances are you'll see some placed under you in the matrix. Conversely, if only a few were enrolled by those above you, the number of individuals under you will likely be smaller.

It's helpful not to expect having anyone placed under you in the matrix during the first month.

Should it happen, that's fantastic! However, if it doesn't, don't fret—it's not uncommon. With just a few thousand people in the entire company at present, most individuals won't fall under your matrix.

Keep this in mind: There are two ways to build your matrix—either the fast way or the slow way, as discussed earlier.

The slow way involves simply waiting for spillover. There's absolutely nothing wrong with taking that approach. If your primary goal is to save money on LiveGood's life-changing products without building a team, that's perfectly acceptable.

Considering that millions of members are projected to join LiveGood in the upcoming years, the only direction they can go is under those who are already in.

But patience is key. Spillover may not happen this week or even this month. Nevertheless, rest assured that everyone will eventually find their place under existing members.

Now, if you're eager to build your matrix the fast way and unlock a substantial income stream through the matrix, along with matching bonuses from potentially thousands of individuals in your team, there has never been a more straightforward program than LiveGood.

Equipped with the most powerful powerline-driven system in the industry, products that practically sell themselves at an affordable price point accessible to all, even those who haven't found success in network marketing before can achieve great things.

Even if it takes you a year or two to fill your matrix, imagine earning $4,000, $8,000, or even $16,000 per month through the matrix, coupled with matching bonuses from hundreds or even thousands of others in your team—that's the ultimate goal.

Therefore, don't expect an influx of individuals in your matrix during your first few weeks or months if you haven't enrolled anyone. They will come.

But if you're eager to accelerate the process and earn more matching bonuses, why not share this opportunity with a couple of friends? Imagine if each person enrolled just two others—everyone's matrix would fill up at lightning speed.

However, should you find yourself with hundreds of people beneath you in your powerline and none falling under your matrix, don't be disheartened. It's not a setback; it simply means the spillover hasn't reached you yet. Once it does, your matrix will fill up rapidly.

So let's get started by enrolling two individuals, achieving Bronze rank, and experiencing the incredible benefits of LiveGood amazing products.

Let's rock!

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