November 24

ACIM Self-Study: Miracles as True Perception


²Certain fundamental concepts cannot be understood in terms of opposites. ³It is impossible to conceive of light and darkness or everything and nothing as joint possibilities. ⁴They are all true or all false. ⁵It is essential that you realize your thinking will be erratic until a firm commitment to one or the other is made. (ACIM, T-3.II.1:2-5)

Eto yung sinasabing “you cannot serve two masters.” Kasi isa lang talaga yung master – si God.

Si God, wala siyang opposite. Ganun rin ang love or light, wala silang opposites.

Kaya eto yung nililinaw agad sa intro ng A Course in Miracles: the truth has no opposites. Pero pwedeng magkaroon ng true at false perception of the truth.

“All true or all false,” parang IG filter yung perception. Kung anong filter ang gamit mo, yun ang makikita mo sa lahat.

Kung love yung filter: love of God, love of self, love of others, love of world… All love.

Ganun rin pag fear yung filter: fear of God, fear of self, fear of other, fear of world… All fear.

Innocence is not a partial attribute. ²It is not real until it is total. ⁵Innocent or true perception means that you never misperceive and always see truly. ⁶More simply, it means that you never see what does not exist, and always see what does. (ACIM, T-3.II.2:1-2, 5-6)

So ganun yung pinag-usapan nating topic last time na innocence – all love siya – total love, hindi partial.

Hindi siya love of God pero naniniwala naman sa sin. Joke joke joke yun!

Yung innocence ay consistent at buong-buo. Committed ka lang sa truth at hindi ka na nakikipag-fling sa false perception. Solid ka na sa love.

Kapag solid ka sa love, love ang basehan ng pananaw mo sa lahat.

⁴The miracle perceives everything as it is. ⁵If nothing but the truth exists, right-minded seeing cannot see anything but perfection. ⁶I have said that only what God creates or what you create with the same Will has any real existence. ⁷This, then, is all the innocent can see. ⁸They do not suffer from distorted perception. (ACIM, T-3.II.3:4-8)

Yung “seeing” na tinutukoy dito ay hindi yung physical sense natin na eyesight ha, kundi spiritual insight.

At through insight yung perception of miracles. So kung tama yung perception, kahit yung mga “mali” na nakikita ng mata natin sa mundo ay part of the perfection.

Kasi kung merong hindi part, edi hindi na yun perfect. So in a sense, yung imperfection ay aspeto rin ng perfection.

Ang nagiging imperfect lang ay yung perception natin.

Truth is truth, pero pwedeng magkamali yung perception natin of truth.

²The mind can miscreate only when it believes it is not free. ³An “imprisoned” mind is not free because it is possessed, or held back, by itself. (ACIM, T-3.II.4:2-3)

Ano yung nag-iimprison sa mind? Fear.

Ano yung mga rehas ng fear: guilt, shame, unworthiness, hatred.

Sino ang judge? Tayo. Sinesentensyahan natin ang sarili natin.

Nakanino yung susi? Yun ang good news – nasa atin rin!

⁴The Son of God is part of the Holy Trinity, but the Trinity Itself is One. ⁵There is no confusion within Its Levels, because They are of one Mind and one Will. (ACIM, T-3.II.5:4-5)

The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit (the Mother) – yan yung Holy Trinity.

Trio, pero iisa lang sila kasi walang separation between them.

Oh, kasasabi lang natin last topic ha, kasama tayo dun – the Son. Hindi tayo separate from Momshie and Popsie.

We are of one mind and one heart with God.

⁷Yet this vision can be perceived only by the truly innocent. (ACIM, T-3.II.5:7)

Pero hindi natin yun makikita kung ang filter ng perception natin ay fear.

Kasi hindi bangga ‘di ba, fear of God tapos one with God? You cannot serve two masters.

So to be one with God, ang kailangan ay innocence – without fear, but with total love.

The way to correct distortions is to withdraw your faith in them and invest it only in what is true. ²You cannot make untruth true. ³If you are willing to accept what is true in everything you perceive, you let it be true for you. (ACIM, T-3.II.6:1-3)

Serving two masters ay distorted perception. At para maitama yung distortion, ang kailangan lang ay i-let go yung false perception.

Kaya ang tanong ni Jesus, “Where is your faith?” Sa fear ba o sa love?

Trade natin yung fear for love, yung false for true perception.

Kasi kahit saan o paano mo tingnan yung false, false pa rin yun.

Kung true naman, wala kang kailangang patunayan. Walang kailangang i-justify kasi the truth will speak for itself.

“By their fruits, you shall know them.”

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